Bilingual services should not be provided

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CPT Evaluation Codes for Speech Therapy

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Bilingual Services

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Although recipients should not plan to rely on a LEP person's family members, friends, or other informal interpreters to provide language assistance services to important programs and activities, where LEP persons so desire, they should be permitted to use, at their own expense, interpreters of their own choosing (whether a professional.

Bilingual Services Policy All questions regarding the Commission’s Bilingual Services Policy Statement should be directed to the Bilingual Services Coordinator at Toll Free: III.

Former English Language Learner/Multilingual Learner Services

Client Service Standards: duties and/or privileges are impacted by a service or benefit provided by the Commission. Examples of such. Language assistance will be provided through use of competent bilingual staff, staff interpreters, contracts or formal arrangements with local organizations providing interpretation or translation services, or technology and telephonic interpretation services.

When language services are needed, the Department should use qualified interpretation services when a non-bilingual employee/correctional officer needs to communicate with an LEP person or vice versa, when qualified bilingual employees are unavailable or en route, and when available bilingual employees lack the skills, rank, or assignment to.

It’s Illegal for Hospitals to Not Provide Translation Services. So Why Is Proper Translation Still Scarce? It’s actually much more expensive to not provide translation.

Bilingual services should not be provided
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