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Metre (poetry)

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Gawain, much effort Beowulf, is very determined to fulfill his post. Beowulf Beowulf was written by a Anglo-Saxon Scop, or storyteller, and tells a story about a hero, Beowulf, who comes to help the Danes fight the dreaded Grendal. Beowulf is a classic epic hero and is honored by being passed down in the story.

Beowulf is in search of glory and he hears of the terrible mess Herot and Hrothgar are in and is determined to make a name for himself. He states that he will fight this monster without weapons.

Beowulf is in search of glory and he hears of the terrible mess Herot and Hrothgar are in and is determined to make a name for himself.

He states that he will fight this monster without weapons. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. At the heart of many of the world's most enduring myths and legends is a hero, a man or woman who triumphs over obstacles.

Heroes are not all-powerful and immortal beings. Instead they represent the best of what it means to be human, demonstrating great. Beowulf explains that he is the son of Ecgtheow and owes his loyalty to Hygelac.

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He says that he has heard about the monster wreaking havoc on the Danes and has come to help Hrothgar. The watchman gives his consent and tells Beowulf that he believes his story.

Determined beowulf
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Why does Beowulf insist on fighting Grendel without weapons in Beowulf? | eNotes