Tour de france drug abuse

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Chris Froome says abuse on Tour de France helped Team Sky bond

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Investigation: Bradley Wiggins won Tour de France using drug without medical need

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List of doping cases in cycling

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Substance Abuse and Professional Sports

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The drug scandal tarnished the Tour de France and the reputation and image of other sports. The media response to the scandal took differing positions on what should be done next to clean up cycling.

Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich arrested for ‘attacking a prostitute’ in a luxury hotel The German-born cyclist 'was under the influence of alcohol and drugs' when he was detained, police.

Abuse part and parcel of cycling, says Sky veteran Thomas

Ullrich, the Tour de France winner, is facing assault allegations linked to three separate incidents. He is seeking help for his drug use, aided in part by former rival Lance Armstrong.

Fans continued their abuse on the slopes of l’Alpe Antonio Pesenti reaches the summit of the Col du Galibier during the Tour de France in this photography courtesy of VeloPress from.

Report suggests Team Sky riders took performance-enhancing drugs to win Tour de France. Martha Kelner. The abuse of cortisone in cycling goes back at least to the s.

Spectator abuse of Team Sky continues on Col du Portet

Lance Armstrong tested. Tour de France organisers have formally blocked four-time champion Chris Froome from competing in this year's race, Le Monde reported on Sunday, but he is expected to fight the move. The Team Sky.

Tour de france drug abuse
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Chris Froome says abuse on Tour de France helped Team Sky bond | Sport | The Guardian