Zimmer in grade school

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Students are given a school agenda at the beginning of the school year. Zimmer in Grade School The poem "Zimmer in Grade School" appears to be expressing a person's viewpoint of his self-image.

He is talking about his thoughts on how he viewed himself and the feelings how others viewed him in grade school.


Westwood Elementary School located in Zimmerman, Minnesota - MN. Find Westwood Elementary School test scores, student-teacher ratio, parent reviews and teacher stats. In the poem, “Zimmer in Grade School”, by Paul Zimmer, the speaker talks about the unhappy memories of his childhood.

He even wondered why he was born, he feared God, school, and his school mates. The speaker states, “My parents wrung their loving hands. / My guardian angel wept constantly. ” (11). In grade school I wondered Why I had been born To wrestle in the ashy puddles With my square nose Streaming mucus and blood, My knuckles puffed from combat And the old nun's ruler.

I feared everything: God, Learning, and my schoolmates. I could not count, spell, or read. My report card proclaimed These scarlet failures. My parents wrung their loving hands.

Ron Zimmer

In it, Joseph Zimmer, a second grade teacher at Sherman Multicultural Arts School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, details the astounding growth he observed in his students. Focusing in particular on two, powerful anecdotes of personal transformation, he provides compelling evidence for the ways that VTS can benefit all our students, even under.

Zimmer in grade school
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